Dark Denim is the music project of Andrew Martinez. This is a variety of elements that were created to brand the project, as well as a prototype for a band website. 

Branding Assets
Photo Collaboration with Luke Dumke of Pinehill Creative
Dark Denim Website
The Dark Denim website was made as a project in the CNM Ingenuity Deep Dive UX/UI bootcamp. A working prototype of the site can be viewed here. The site was designed in Adobe Illustrator and prototyped in Adobe XD.

Print Media Concepts
All Black Everything Album Art Concept

Dark Denim is the moniker of musician Andrew Martinez, formerly of bands Decade of the Dead Arcade and Timberlines.
In the year 2020, Martinez relocated from the deserts of Southwest to the Pacific Northwest, setting up shop in Seattle, Washington. It was during the time of quarantine that he began furiously writing and recording demos for Dark Denim.
Drawing upon his love for New Wave, Post-Punk, and Dream Pop, Martinez set out to create a lush sound that is as dark as it is danceable. Reevaluating his writing process, he has begun to find his new place in music.
Utilizing his years of writing Indie Rock tunes while experimenting with new recording techniques, a fresh approach to guitar layering, and vintage synthesizers, he began creating a sound that is both new and nostalgic. The result was a large collection of demos from which his first album was born.

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